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I got extremely bored this rainy morning. So I decided to show you a few things I have bought lately!

First/Second item: Pleather Lucca Couture shorts from Urban. Originally $69 I got them for $19.99 weeeee
Third item: Stripe chiffon blouse from Forever21. $19.90
Fourth item: American Apparel Mesh Floral Jumper. $88 :’( so expensive. I could not suppress my need for it any longer.
Fifth/Sixth item: Parka jacket from H&M $35. (I copped mi amiga Jenn)
Seventh item: Chiffon blouse from H&M 24.95 I think I might return it.
Eighth item: Blazer from Urban. Originally $78 I got it for $29.99

P.S. I think I may have a shopping problem.

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